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BARL Field Day and Picnic 2010


Fieldday 2010


This 12th February was a special occasion for Bangladeshi hams. BARL organized field day and picnic on this day which was participated by around thirty five S21 ham, and their family members. All we gathered a firm house in Gazipur located one and half-hour drive from Dhaka . But for heavy traffic and a number of rail crossings it takes around two and half hour to reach the venue. All the participants got a nice opportunity for learning by practical experience and to meet fellow S21 hams. QSL card and project display was one of the main attractions of field day. A large number of QSL card was displayed at field. Ratul S21RA showed first Bangladeshi SDR SSB Receiver made by him. Sabir Ahmed Sumon S21SD showed how to setup and configure Echolink for newly licensed hams.  After a delicious lunch we setup a HF station and operated in 15, 20 & 40 meter. BARL field day was tremendously successful and it was a unique opportunity to compare performance of our rigs.

Annual General Meeting - 2008 of BARL

New EC
BARL new Executive committee
BARL annual general meeting 2008 and election has took place on 28 November 2008 at 3.00 PM
All most all of the members were present at AGM and it ends up with the election. According to election commissioner the following members has been elected for the executive committee of 2009 and 2010.
PositionCall SignName
PresidentS21LAnwar Islam
Vice President & Acting  General Secretary
S21SHSaiful Huda
Vice PresidentS21VADr. Zahidul Haque
General Secretary (Out of Station)
S21RBBelayet Hossain Robin
Asst General SecretaryS21RARubyat Hasan Khan Ratul
TreasurerS21VLiaquat Ali Mollah
MemberS21SDSumon Ahmed Sabir
MemberS21JLMohd. Zulfiquar Hafiz
MemberS21AKMohammad Alam
MemberS21AZAtaul Hakim
MemberS21TATanvir Ahmed
   BTRC has taken Amateur Radio Operator License Test

btrc exam
Candidates are serious to pass the exam.
You will be glad to know that BTRC has taken the Amateur Radio License Test on 27-11-2008 as scheduled. Total 84 number of candidate took the test, among them  62 number of candidate successfully passed the exam. We do congratulate them from BARL and wish to see them with new call sign. Waiting to hear them on radio waves. Attaching some photo taken at the time of the test.

 BARL conduct training on Amateur Radio Operator License test

Certificate Giving 
President of BARL Mr. Anwar Islam - S21L is giving certificate to Mr. Mithu and Mr. Kamrul

BARL has organized a 16 hours long training program on Amateur Radio Operator License test. Around 50 numbers of participants took part in the training program and successfully completed it. A training completion certificate has given to all participants. Venue of the training program was Eastern University premises and dates were 15, 16, 22 and 23 of August. We are very grateful to Professor Dr. Abul Kalam Azad (Dean EEE) of Eastern University to help us conducting this training program. We also give thanks to active members of BARL, Ratul – S21RA, Alam – S21AK, Dr. Shipon – S21VA, Ivan – S21RV, Tanvir – S21TA, Shazib – S21RS, Kaiser – S21SK, Younus – S21RX, Apollo – S21RE, Liaquat – S21V, Saif – S21SH, Anwar – S21L and Robin – S21RB for the time and effort to make this event a great success.

First Bangladeshi SDR SSB Receiver by Ratul - S21RA
SDR by S21RA
Ratul - S21RA holding the first Bangladeshi SDR SSB Receiver designed by himself

A great news is waiting for all HAM radio operators in Bangladesh and that is Ratul - S21RA the EC member of BARL has successfully build a SDR SSB receiver for 40 meter band. It is really a break through, the SSB receiver is working excellent and it is actually a dream come true for us. Ratul - S21RA told us that he will make a SDR SSB transmitter soon and the cost will be very low. As all of you know a SSB transceiver is very expensive and very few of us has the ability to operate and buy a HF SSB transceiver. Ratul's new design will be a great help for us to have an HF SSB radio for each HAM in Bangladesh. We really do appreciate his excellent job and hope to see the next successfull SDR project from him. 

Meeting with BTRC chairman 
BTRC Chairman
Vice Chairman Mr. Hasan Mahmood Delwar, Chairman Major General Manzurul Alam, ndc, psc (Retd.) and Belayet Robin - S21RB 

After continuous lobbying for the last four years, members of the Bangladesh Amateur Radio League - BARL had finally been able to make the concerned authorities understand the significance of Ham Radio Operators in a country with frequent natural disasters like floods and cyclones.

Three executive members of the BARL, Engr. Belayet Hossain Robin - S21RB, Dr. Zahidul Haque Shipon - S21VA and Saiful Huda - S21SH had a very fruitful meeting with the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission – BTRC on 19 July 2008.

Besides the Chairman of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission - BTRC, Major General Manzurul Alam (Retd) almost all the senior officials, engineers and technical experts of the authorities were present at the meeting.
At the onset of the meeting S21RB made a presentation highlighting the activities of the Amateur Radio Operators in Bangladesh since its activities started in this country. The BTRC Chairman gave a very patient hearing to the BARL team and during the nearly two hour meeting also assured to resolve the problems of different HAM issues and do all possible for the promotion of the scientific hobby in the country. As part of the latest development, the BTRC has decided to resume the process of issuing Amateur Radio Licenses and take examinations regularly every month. Examinees have to sit for the examination before a computer.
The BTRC has also decided to formulate, for the first time, a time befitting Amateur Radio operating rules and regulations. Details of the examination are available on the BTRC and BARL website.

Welcome to the Home Page of BARL

To promote amateur radio in Bangladesh BARL was formed as a society on May 20, 1979. From the very beginning, the founder Saifud Dahar Shahid - S21A maintained close liaison with various government and international bodies to fulfill it's goal.

In 1982 BARL was elected as the 115 th member society of the International Amateur Radio Union - IARU. In April 1983, BARL was also elected as the 18 th member of the Region 3 Association.

A patient 12 years effort by the founders of BARL succeeded in establishing amateur radio in Bangladesh in the year of 1992.

Please contact for any information:

Saiful Huda -S21SH
Vice President, BARL
Cell: +8801552323438


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